Seven of the most disruptive companies in the market today

Disruptive brands understand consumer trends before they become trends and capitalize on them better than their competitors.

Many of these brands understand the shift to a sharing economy and have designed their business model accordingly. For example, understanding that people avoid interruptive messaging, for many of these brands traditional advertising is not a major component of their business model.

Here is a sample of seven of the most disruptive companies.

Uber: One of the most highly valued start-ups ever, the world’s largest single taxi company.

Airbnb: The world’s biggest accommodation company.

Facebook: The new face of mobile and the world’s largest interactive consumer network.

Red Bull: Taking content marketing to an extreme, building experiential marketing to an extreme.

Snapchat: 2 billion pictures and videos disappear daily. The worlds largest video network that doesn’t exist.

Alibaba: Helping consumers save, spend and be entertained. Amazon is a close second.

Netflix: 70 million subscribers and content muscle. Will ultimately be responsible for putting cable television out of business.

These are just a few companies that have disrupted industries. Other notables include: Wealth Simple, Apple, Zoom Video, Google and more. The common theme from all these companies is to make sure that customers can receive more responsive services, with greater selection and excellent value. Disruptive companies are the ultimate change artists in that they understand that a market is under being underserviced and that there are better, more efficient or cheaper alternatives ways to deliver goods or services.

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